Jon Dobbin

SVP, Group Client Director at MediaVest

  • Sal is truly one of the best fitness instructior I have worked with. Having trained with multiple instructors over a decade, I can truly say Sal is the most knowledgable, inventive and Intense trainers I know. The results have been amazing!



Mariah Borthwick

Materials Assistant for Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories

  • Sal is amazing trainer. He whipped me into shape. Initially I can only run 4mi. But with his guidance, expertise, great energy, and faith, several months later I was a lean mean running machine and completed my first 1/2marathon in 2:07. This was something I never thought I could do and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Sal's training.



Amy Doria

Certified Professional Life Coach at At Choice! with Amy Doria Coaching

  • "I was lucky to have found Sal as an instructor at NYSC. I took his Kick Boxing class and it was intense! Best work out I ever had, and even though it kicked my butt I definitely found myself looking forward to it all week. He was clearly one of the best I had seen there in years at any of their locations. I decided to hire Sal as a Personal Trainer and he did not disappoint. He was very strategic in what he planned for our work-out's. It was always tailored specific to my body type and my needs, careful to keep me safe and injury-free, and he also kept a keen eye on making sure I was always mentally engaged and motivated. From the moment we began our work out's, it was clear that it was time to work! His personality is very inspiring and supportive, and his knowledge and expertise of many disciplines quickly showed through to me. I would highly recommend Sal in any capacity where he is training/instructing either in a one-on-one or a group setting. His talent in this industry is extremely powerful, and his balance of being there for you as both teacher & coach is very hard to come by."



Ainka Munroe, MBA

Experienced Financial Professional

  • I've trained under Sal for many years while he was at NYSC. He is very motivating and works with you at your level. I did several different classes with him from Kickboxing, Abs, Cycling, Conditioning, and a few other classes. I've worked with him as a beginner through to advance. His classes were great and he has a lot of expertise in each area. Just when you think you've adapted, he has a new workout that'll take you up a few notches. He's the best instructor I've had. If you get the opportunity to work with him, you will get the best!



Linda Blyer

Bookkeeper at National Council for Research on Women

  • I met Sal when he worked at the New York Sports Club and I signed up for his classes. Sal is very professional, is a great trainer and you quickly get results from his workouts. He will modify his exercises, accordingly! I highly recommend him.



Erik Kemnitzer

Chief Etiquette Officer of Beyond The Eighteenth, LLC

*note: LinkedIn profile lists my title as C.E.O. of Beyond The Eighteenth, LLC;

  • however, my professional relationship with Saladeen Dorsey was part of employment with Town Sports International, Inc. Sal takes tremendous pride in his work. The group exercise classes he hosts are typically among the most popular; and the program he oversaw as Group Exercise Instructor was efficiently run. Sal is committed to fitness. He understands the body and knows how to transfer that knowledge into tangible improvement. And while Sal's physical fitness level may be higher than that of most clients, he has demonstrated respect and support for every student he works with. Sal has a unique ability to work with clients just joining the fitness world, clients getting used to the gym environment, and clients interested in pushing themselves beyond their existing limits. And the ability to effectively communicate with all three brands of student is what makes Sal Dorsey unique.



Michael Hardy

Account Executive at ITN Networks

  • As soon as I started taking Sal's classes when he worked at NYSPC, I knew that I needed to do some Personal Training with him. He put together and amazing program that I still use parts of today. The only reason we are still not working together is because of conflicting schedules. If you want high intensity, cardio & strength results I would not recommend anyone else.



Sarah Leah Whitson

Exec Dir, MidEast at Human Rights Watch

  • Hands down best fitness instructor I've ever worked with: inspires, motivates and works your butt off... Classes always a major challenge.



Grace Ng
MLA graduate student, Designer & Researcher

  • Sal is a great instructor, I've taken his kickboxing and total body conditioning class, both are amazing and a hardcore workout that consistently keeps your heart rate up and challenges your body. Sal also is extremely professional and courteous, great all around instructor.


Brooke Shaffner

Founder/Director: Between the Lines: Writing Workshops, Editing, & Tutoring

  • Sal is one of the best fitness instructors I've ever had. I took his Total Body Fitness, Sports Conditioning, and Spinning classes at NYSC for years, and they were always highly challenging, extremely well-organized, fluid, and fun. I sought out his classes in particular because they were the best of the classes that NYSC offered. Sal clearly cares about his work and the people in his classes and always carries himself like a professional; he radiates a positive, can-do attitude and is a highly effective motivator and trainer.


Wayne Barnes

Manager,Regional investigator

  • Saladeen Is an amazing professional and committed business partner, Saladeen's client focus and attention to detail has made him a standout leader. I recommend Saladeen personally and professionally because I know he is a truly talented professional.


Alexandra Fiorillo

Vice President, International Development at ideas42

  • Sal is a fantastic trainer. I worked with him on and off for almost 2 years in Brooklyn and his kickboxing class was one of the only things I looked forward to week after week. It was fun, challenging, varied and got my toosh into shape! Sal found the perfect balance between challenging us/being tough on us and allowing us to laugh and have fun. He was able to get a group of strangers to bond and become friends; we would all come week after week and work together in his class. I'm looking forward to working with Sal again this spring as I miss his hard core workouts!