Core Progression Series

     All movement originates from the central nervous system and activates from the core…essentially its Neuro-structural foundation to fully harness Strength, Power, Endurance, Balance and Coordination throughout the entire (HMS). Inadequately training or neglecting to develop the core with a proper integrative /functional training program will eventually destroy the bodies internal structure to produce proper biomechanical movement, absorb/distribute external forces evenly throughout the body and lead through a series of chain reactive injuries that will frustrate progress.


     Typically core training should be a common practice for any exercise program whether it’s for  warming –up,  primary focus or cool-down . One must also understand the anatomical function of the core, differentiate between it’s core musculature and how to properly active each muscles for optimal performance enhancement .


     As mentioned, the goal of this program is to develop a well rounded foundation of the (LPHC) starting with a fundamental series of floor base exercises focused on neuromuscular control/ internal stabilization leading into coordinating  integrative movement patterns to build endurance… not absolute strength gains.

Core Programing

Fundamental conditioning

A: Stabilization:

  • learning to fortify the spine and pelvis with the use of static exercises, Later progressed into fluid integrative movement patterns initiating deep core activation of the entire core complex.  


1. “Drawing-in”  & “Bracing” disciplines

2. Core Endurance

3. Core Endurance & rotational activation of the LPHC

4. LCS (local Stabilization Systems) compilation-level: 1

5. Unstable base level 1

6. LCS (local Stabilization Systems) Compilation-level: 2


anamation of work out or stop /motion photos of workouts

Strength conditioning level 1

B: Strength:

  • While maintaining recruitment of the LCS, will advance the exercises with dynamic ranges of motion of the spine through concentric and eccentric movement patterns. 


1. LCS compilation level: 3 followed by Stability ball progression.

anamation of work out or stop /motion photos of workouts


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